Spinal Instruments

Electro Surgicals have pleasure in presenting a comprehensive programme of high quality instruments for spinal surgery; in particular, for both the cervical and lumbar approach to spinal surgery.

These instruments are manufactured to the highest specification by the finest instrument craftsmen and are designed to offer both precision and performance to the Spinal Surgeon.

Our titanium coated Kerrison Laminectomy Punches are popular and offer an extremely smooth function together with a very sharp cutting edge designed to hold their edge for a significantly longer length of time.

Electro Surgicals have a programme of spinal retractors for improved access and allow for smaller more precise incisions for surgery in both the lumbar and cervical approach. The Black Belt Cervical Retractor is the leading retractor used in the anterior cervical approach and has proved to be a very popular system.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any requirements you may have.