Electrosurgery Instruments

ELECTRO SURGICALS extensive line of Bipolar Forceps range from the classic Yasargil style, with increased tension for tissue preparation including:

Scoville, Cushing, Hardy and Malis Designs offering the latest technology in the reduction of tissue adhesion. Bipolar Forceps are available in irrigating and non-irrigating, stainless steel or titanium, straight or bayoneted, insulated or non-insulated, and reusable or disposable.

We offers a wide variety of Disposable Forceps including: Cushing, Scoville, Hardy and Adson designs, Straight and Bayonet Styles, Jewlers and Semkin Design, to offer the surgeon the optimal instrument for their clinical needs.

ELECTRO SURGICALS also offers a wide range of different cables for all bipolar instruments with various connections to different manufactures units. Our cords are available in a reusable and a disposable version and can accommodate a variety of power sources and instruments.

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