Environmental Policy Statement

Electro Surgicals manufactures and exports quality surgical instruments for international markets. As we use raw materials, natural and artificial resources, so we recognize that our company’s operation might have some environmental impacts. We are striving to bring continuous improvements into our Environmental Management System by preventing pollution for safe living of community.

The relevant NEQS of Pakistan
WFSGI regulations related to environment
Environmental Law and Guidelines

We utterly fulfil the comprehensive requirements of environmental management system of ISO 14001 document in our company’s operation and production departments. We have stringent environment policy that is not only documented but also implemented and maintained in every level of company’s operation and production departments.

This policy is available for public review on demand.

Energy Management Policy
Electro Surgicals is using energy management system for reducing environmental impact of company. We believe in cost-effective use of energy in every department and section. In order to use and save the energy, Company’s T&D department guide management staff and workers how to implement energy conservation system in the best way.

Waste Management Policy
Electro Surgical has the best waste management policy that it follows to dump waste of every production department. Company handles waste of every production process exactly according to international environment management system.