Human Resource Policies

Electro Surgicals HR department would hire the most competent person for the job without any gender or race discrimination. All candidates will be treated equally based on their qualifications. Final candidate will be selected only on merit basis. HR Department has full right to hire employees via advertising in newspaper, chamber notice board, factory notice boards, banners on road and also website.

Disciplinary Policy
Electro Surgicals uses fair method approach when it comes to establishing discipline among employees. HR Department shall give advance notice to an employee if they want him to make improvement in his work behavior or performance. The form of discipline notice ranges from a verbal warning to some written warning to suspension or dismissal. The form of notice would always dependent on the extent of problem with the conduct or performance of an employee.

Probation and Confirmation Policy

Electro Surgicals has probation and confirmation policy for every new employee. An employee should be on the probation for almost three months and this period could be extended for further three months, if HR department would like to see more improvements in the performance of an employee. Once probation period is complete, an employee will become permanent and he would be able to enjoy all legal benefits.

Child Labor Policy
Electro Surgicals implements child labor policy that is developed under the light of ILO conventions 138 & 182 already ratified by Govt. of Pakistan. According to this policy, we shall not allow a child equal to or below the age of 16 years to work inside factory or any production or manufacturing sector of company at any circumstance.

Social Accountability Policy

Electro Surgicals is striving hard to offer the most competitive and comfortable working environment to its employees. Company follows stringent social accountability policy for rendering basic rights to all employees.

We keep our workers and supplier / contractors well-informed about the policies and procedures just to maintain the highest ethical standards, confined to:

Labor Law of Pakistan
Workplace Standard
SA 8000 requirements
ILO Conventions

The company is proud on its balanced HR policy where HR department hires competent sale force who is motivated by management and thus we are able to produce better and technological advanced instruments. This is all made possible due to a culture of continuous improvement and betterment in our friendly workplace.