Sales Terms

An obligation to purchase will be constituted after the acceptance of Pro-forma invoice by the customers. It will not establish if customers review company’s catalog, demand samples or do telephonic conversation with an employee.

Customers are able to place order through email, fax or postal letter. They can also place order either by mentioning item number from our company’s catalog or by giving the reference to other well-known international catalog of surgical instruments. If customer wants to place an order of an item design of which is not available in catalogs, we would request a sample from our customers just for the guidance and understanding of our expert engineers and technicians.

We reserve the right to change price of any item at any time without giving prior notice. Pro-Forma invoice will have complete details of price. In case price of an item increases after an order is placed, we will request our customer to consider new price before we execute his order.

Payment Arrangements
We would like to take “advance payment” or ‘L/C Irrevocable at sight’ from our new customers. Once we establish a good and trustworthy relationship with a customer within a year of operation, we will offer Cash-on-delivery service to him.

Minimum Quantity Requirement
Order of both general and special instruments will have minimum quantity requirements. Electro Surgicals won’t be able to execute an order whose mentioned quantity is below than minimum quantity equipment on per instrument basis.

Standard delivery time for items in stock is 10-15 days. For non-stock item, we demand 15-30 days from our customers. Delivery time also depends on order size and the nature of instrument. Our company has full right to ship part orders and to hold a shipment till the time we have complete supply of order. We also reserve the right to cancel any part of any outstanding order, if supply of an ordered item is unavailable.

Warranty & Guarantee
Our all surgical instruments are backed by 3 years guarantee against rust, corrosion, pitting or any other production related defect. If customer notice any manufacturing defect, company is liable to replace instrument free of cost. The warranty is void, incase customer attempt any repair or modification into a product or when defect is resulted due to accidental damage. The warranty doesn’t include any liability for consequential loss arising from defective products.

Returns Policy
Company will not accept any product return, if customer doesn’t take its express consent. In case of damage or faulty goods, purchaser must first contact with the customer care department and explain the problem. After this complaint, company will make necessary arrangements for rectifying the situation. Purchaser must have to file claim for faulty or damaged products within 5 working days after receiving good shipment.

Electro Surgicals reserve the right to alter any of above-mentioned terms without prior notice. Kindly read all applicable sales terms on the Pro-forma invoice at the time of order placement.